Thursday, November 21, 2013

San Francisco Bay Bridge Troll

Perhaps not the most auspicious topic for a blogger -- regardless, the Bay Bridge troll is imagined by some to be a good-luck fellow and protector of the iconic spans...

The Original Bay Bridge Troll


(Excerpt) "The [original] troll ... moved onto the Bay Bridge after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake shook the span until a section fell. When that slab of bridge deck was replaced, ironworkers attached a troll for good luck. The 14-inch-tall iron sculpture was created by artist and blacksmith Bill Roan, who worked in a studio near where the bridge slab was being made. The troll has a barrel chest, spindly legs and leans forward, clutching a rod or spear.

For many years, ... [few individuals] were aware that the span had a squatter who could only be seen by boat."

Original Bay Bridge Troll Now Removed & Remembered
Source: Oakland Museum of California

New Troll: New Protector is Prepared for Duty


Troll Authority
(Excerpt) "Bay Bridge troll authority John Goodwin, a spokesman for the Bay Area Toll Authority, offered ... the old troll was carefully and humanely extricated from his perch on the north side of the old eastern span on Labor Day ...

'The rumors of a new troll are true,' Goodwin said. The new protector, in a photograph released by the Toll Authority, appears to be crafted of steel, is slimmer, stands upright and clutches a sledgehammer.

'A new troll appeared, as these things happen, on Labor Day, under the cover of darkness,' Goodwin said, explaining that trolls are averse to sunlight ...

Goodwin said a search committee, whose membership is not publicly known, will choose a permanent home for the new troll. He said the location should be out of direct sunlight; at least partially visible 'to those who seek him out' and probably situated within view of the bike and pedestrian path.

Wise bureaucrats might be advised to choose a location near the busted bolts that nearly prevented the $6.4 billion new east span from opening on Labor Day."

Source: Bay Bridge troll rumors fly -- there's a new troll


Deconstruction/Demolition of old East Span of Bay Bridge


The old east span bridge structure will be removed right down to the floor (mud line) of San Francisco Bay ...

by the end of 2016

(Excerpt) "The retired span won't disappear from the bay quickly, and commuters, bike riders and runners using the new east span will be able to watch its vanishing act ... Demolition crews plan to dismantle the gray steel span piece by piece in roughly the reverse order of how it was assembled in the mid-1930s.

Removing the old east span will cost about $281 million, which is included in the $6.4 billion price tag for the new bridge ...

'If we stay on schedule, it will all be gone by the end of 2016,' ... [said Andrew Gordon, a Bay Bridge spokesman]."

Source: Demolition crews start chipping away at old Bay Bridge


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