Monday, November 18, 2013

Dreamforce 2013

Dreamforce 2013 Plaza: Air-Supported Structure

(Excerpt) "Howard Street between and Third and Fourth streets was scheduled to be closed Thursday night and will remain blocked off through Nov. 23. The street will be turned into a plaza, covered in artificial turf, with stages for some of the 27 bands and DJs that will perform during the week. There will also be giant TV monitors to watch keynote speeches.

And to protect the plaza from inclement weather, Salesforce plans to cover it with a block-long, custom-made, inflatable tent made of acrylic-coated fabric, with holes covered in clear plastic to let in light.

In all, conference-goers have booked rooms in 90 hotels around the Bay Area Region. And there's a Tuesday night fundraising gala and concert headlined by Blondie and Green Day at AT&T Park."

(Excerpt) "You feel like you're at a business conference, but it's a cool business conference and there's music going on all the time" ...

The rise of cloud computing as a staple for business software has made Dreamforce one of the biggest, if not the biggest, conventions that San Francisco hosts annually ...

This year, Dreamforce sponsor, the $3 billion San Francisco cloud computing giant, is expecting 120,000 people to register for the conference ...

Dreamforce's high-profile speakers and other celebrities give it a certain 'cool factor' ... This year, that list includes Facebook Chief Operating Officer and author Sheryl Sandberg, Yahoo Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer, [Salesforce Chairman & CEO Marc Benioff, and Founder of The Chopra Foundation, Deepak Chopra] ...

Jillian's restaurant, at the convention area's epicenter, has been reserved exclusively for four days by one company, San Francisco cloud services firm Appirio."

Source: Dreamforce 2013 set for huge SF turnout


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