Thursday, July 7, 2011

Improving Sudden Hearing Loss

Emergency Event
Standing in a classroom while instructing junior high art students, the sudden loss of hearing in her left ear was traumatic: all at once a swoosh with a blocked or plugged feeling in the ear, and then everything went quiet. Some medical specialists say that this type of unforeseen episode requires emergency treatments. For some patients, the correct medical procedures during the first few hours may greatly increase the odds for some recovery of hearing.

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL)
The above described case of sudden hearing loss may or may not be one of various kinds of sudden sensorineural (inner ear) hearing loss.
(Excerpt) "Sudden sensorineural hearing losses (SSHL) are medical emergencies. You need to see your ear specialist (preferably an otologist or neurotologist) immediately ...

By definition, you have SSHL if you have a hearing loss that occurs within three days (often within minutes or an hour or two) and your hearing loss is greater than 30 dB over three adjacent octaves (test frequencies) as shown on your audiogram."
The subject young substitute teacher that suffered a trauma is now in the stages of improving sudden hearing loss. She is in the care of our LORD, several medical doctors, rehabilitation technicians, her husband, friends, and she is our daughter. The progress up from her 'profoundly deaf' status in that ear has been exhilarating for her parents as we get updates.

"Use this to improve ourselves as people and to help others ..."
Also an amazing thing to me is how well she and her husband have handled this and other medically related setbacks during their young marriage. A CEO in San Francisco, her husband encourages all to use this unfortunate experience to help improve themselves as people and to help others that may be struck by the trauma of sudden hearing loss.

Read more on her blog: J-Jo Navigate through the posts there for information about her experiences with improving sudden hearing loss.

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