Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mixed Land Use Big Box Store Site Planning

Some effort has previously gone into describing the latent potential that may exist in big box store developments designed or redeveloped to include mixed land uses with increased density.

Site Planning
It does not seem too far out on a limb to suggest here that the site planning for these type of projects must be successful. The architectural forms, surfaces, and finishes of the buildings of course determine some of the project's character. However, in my view, the site planning for how the buildings are located on the site and the "spaces" that are created between and surrounding the buildings is what will ultimately enable the successful mixed land use big box store projects.

Question for Blog Readers: If you shop at a big box store, what are the things that you would most like to improve about how the building is located on the site and the "spaces" that are created surrounding the big box store?

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