Monday, November 12, 2007

Some Minutiae of Room Painting

You’ve hired a licensed contractor to re-paint interior walls (lucky you, good choice). As an owner, you have spent hours on selecting colors and other important details. Well, here’s one more opportunity to micro-manage the project.

Consider the condition of the wall plates and wall plate screws. To accommodate painting activities, the painter probably has removed these items that cover or trim the electrical boxes for switches, outlets, etc. Do any of the plates need to be cleaned or replaced? Common standard wall plates are plastic or metal; in several colors and finishes.

Are any visible heads of the wall plate screws badly scratched or discolored? Standard wall plate screws can be purchased separately from wall plates; in several colors and finishes to coordinate with the wall plates. Upon reinstallation, some contractors will align the slotted screw heads all in a similar direction, for a finished look.

Electrical safety note: Work on or around any electrical device in a building should be performed by a licensed contractor.

Good luck and happy hobby shopping! Please always follow the manufacturer’s literature.

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