Saturday, December 30, 2017

Grand Park: NYELA 2018

LA Style of Countdown at (on) LA City Hall's Clock Tower

(Excerpt) "L.A.’s countdown reflects its role as the creative epicenter of our world. LA has always been home not only to creative artists but to artists who are harnessing technology to push new mediums forward. We have done this particularly in filmmaking and animation. N.Y.E.L.A., with its use of 2D and 3D mapping technology sits at the forefront of what art and technology can create. I like to say that it is a true 21st century countdown. The ball is analog."

Source: Grand Park LA

A possible LA style bloviation?

(Excerpt) "...[THIS] is the flagship West Coast New Year’s Eve celebration and is THE place to ring in the New Year alongside not just all of Los Angeles, but also with the world’s capitols."

Well, perhaps THIS is an alternative reality in the minds of moguls for the mainstream media to make appear to be happening at grandiose scale -- or not.

On Topic:

2018 Pasadena Rose Parade Route Cruising Cut Short (10pm)

(Excerpt) "The Pasadena Police Department will shut down roads along the parade route starting at 10 p.m. Dec. 31, 2017...
Impromptu, pre-parade cruising is a tradition and added excitement to the long wait for the people sitting out in the cold... throughout the night... [along the 5 1/2-miles of parade route on Colorado Blvd.]

Concerns about terror cause increased security

Pasadena police Chief Phillip Sanchez said officials decided to close the route off roughly six hours earlier [10pm on December 31, 2017] to prevent the possibility of someone using a vehicle as a weapon...

Sanchez pointed to incidents around the world of trucks and other vehicles plowing into crowds, including the attack in Melbourne this week in which 14 were injured, as reason for the earlier closures.

The Police Department and its federal partners adapt their strategy for the country’s largest New Year’s Day parade in response to incidents throughout the world. This year, they studied the mass shooting in Las Vegas 'extensively' and have taken extra steps for the parade..."

Source: Pasadena Star-News, 12.27.2017


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