Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pluto's Fresh Food Restaurant

FRESH FOOD for a Hungry Universe...
in the urban core of San Luis Obispo, California


(Excerpt) "Pluto’s, started in 1995, fills a much-needed niche in the vast nothingness between fast-food and full service restaurants.

Its mission is simply to offer great-quality, American-style fresh food at unparalleled value with friendly but efficient service in an inviting setting. Pluto’s has a special “neighborhoodly” quality and serves as an extension of your kitchen...

And, unlike fast-food establishments, Pluto’s is absolutely committed to wholesome fresh food, low fat ingredients where possible, and the use of the latest healthful cooking techniques in its food preparation, such as steaming, char-grilling and roasting. Pluto’s continues to grow in cities around the country hungry for our fresh food!"
Source: Pluto's Fresh Food

4.4.2015 Update:
Pluto's on Urbanspoon
It was a pleasant surprise to find such a heart-healthy meal for lunch; that can be a difficult search. Pluto’s Fresh Food Restaurant in San Luis Obispo is relatively new among several other longer established and also very good restaurants nearby in the downtown area.

At Pluto’s, we were able to get a meal size substantial fresh salad with grilled meat and seven other healthy toppings of our choice. The salad prep area is set up with a huge selection of foods and employees that assemble the customer’s choices into bowls using sanitary gloves behind a clear shield. Wholesome breads are also available.

The elevated window counter with tall stools was a wonderful sun-lit place to sit, eat our delicious salads, and watch the street’s activities outside the glass. There are many good tables with chairs on the floor, but next time as well, two of the available four stools at the window counter will be our preferred seating. A future meal alternative might be one of their freshly built sandwiches.


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