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Proposed new word for lexicographers to consider when adding to English language dictionaries:

pharmaborg: Authentic human; a hybrid with potential longevity, improved physical capabilities, and greater spiritual wellbeing. The pharmaborg's original biology has been modified with scripted symbiotic pharmaceuticals and integrated synthetic mechanical components.

Similar to: cyborg

LIFT (Link I Found Today)
Fan Site for the Divergent Series: The Divergent Life
There are five named factions within this series' dystopian but perhaps familiarly imperfect society. "Each [faction] is dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue." They are called:

"Abnegation" -- the selfless
"Dauntless" -- the brave
"Candor" -- the honest
"Erudite" -- the intelligent

The people in this society also include the "Factionless" and the namesake... "Divergent"-- a rare individual possessing personality characteristics and aptitudes of more than one faction.

(Excerpt) "Being Divergent is considered dangerous. Since a Divergent's mind cannot be controlled or made to adapt to one certain way of thinking (at least not for long), faction leaders are terrified as to what Divergent people are capable of."

The Books: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, Four
Veronica Roth, author: Divergent Series Ultimate Four-Book Box Set

The Movie: Divergent

Government politicians, in this obviously fictional society, are made up of 50 council members from... Abnegation (the selfless) faction



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