Thursday, August 21, 2014

City-Making: 100 Book List on Urbanism

Brent Toderian's article in PLANETIZEN
(Excerpt) "I like to claim that I have the most extensive library of books on urbanism of any city-making practitioner -- at least for any non-professor!"

His article and the entire list can be found at the following source link:
Source: Brent Toderian -- "The 100 'Best' Books on City-Making Ever Written?" published in Planetizen, 12.13.2013


Book on the list:


52. "City Comforts: How to Build an Urban Village"
David Sucher, Author

David Sucher is an author and also a blogger that writes with a thoughtful and often a detail-oriented city and regional planning perspective. His book, "City Comforts," is positioned as #52 for the "best" 100 books on urbanism. You may download a sample chapter from "City Comforts," and also may find his blog posts to be interesting reads, here:


Brevity update: 8.23.2014
"...a detail-oriented city and regional planning perspective."


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