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Harmony Bracelet

Good Luck Feng Shui Coin: Used with opposite end loop to clasp Harmony Bracelet around wrist. Flat-weave satin cording color: "Silver Gray represents Dreams, Protection, and Astral Projection," as described in provided literature.

On one side of the coin, "Chinese Characters are part of the Feng Shui system." On the opposite side, "the Phoenix and the Dragon represent Yin and Yang, balance," as described in provided literature.

Stone bead that fastens the brass coin at it's center onto cording is: "Hematite -- blood, circulation, improve relationships, increase intuition, pains, grounding, calming, protection, unclutter the mind," as described in provided literature.

Feng Shui System
Described in the provided literature as: "It is the way of natural arrangement, and is the art of appreciating nature. It teaches you how to live harmoniously."

The Artist: Tiare aka artARi
Multi-genre Artist and Musician from Oahu, artARi is selling her art and music online, including these "Harmony Bracelets," at this Esty store: artari artARi808 Artari

We purchased our TWO Harmony Bracelets in June 2014 near Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu at the North Shore Country Market. The Artist, a lovely talented young woman, maintains a vendor's booth here. In addition to her uniquely detailed drawings/paintings (think: thousands and thousands of brush point dots), she crafts various designs of these "Harmony Bracelets," writes and publishes music, and sells her art online at this Esty store: artari artARi808 Artari.

The Artist also creates visual interpretations (read: paintings) of rescued ancient Hawaiian pictographs... oh the stories, my goodness! Hawaiian-themed hotels at least should be given the opportunity to take a look at her individual works to consider adapting them large-scale into their decor. In my opinion, her uniquely detailed interpretations of ancient Hawaiian symbol-like figures, in essentially storyboard-type paintings, have a high probability to be commercially viable if adapted for use in large textile applications (think: hotel bed spreads, bed throws, or other high-value cloth items.) The pictograghy rocks!

North Shore Country Market 
(Excerpt) "The North Shore Country market is a great place to gather, get fresh produce, and shop for your gift items. In addition to supporting the local economy, fresher food from local sources tastes better, has more nutrients, and contributes to the total health of the community. Shop early. You will find the best produce selections in the morning, so try to get there when the market first opens."

Tangential or Deeper Meanings
Personally, the bracelet gives me pleasure because it is a wonderful reminder of the North Shore. And it's easy to carry on an airplane. It also appeals to me based on texture, color, uniqueness, comfort when worn around my wrist, and how very well it's made. Tangential or deeper meanings possibly suggested by artist or context may be somewhat curious or interesting... but some may also be easily set aside as inapplicable.

"Truth is all around us." -- QwkDrw     ...Om...


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