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Grass Skirt Grill - Haleiwa, Hawaii

Grass Skirt Grill: on the North Shore of Oahu 
A cozy and friendly indoor/outdoor restaurant with lots of local character. When we enjoyed our time there, they served very generous portions of proprietor-selected Ono fish (and other things), grilled and piled on with tasty side items in a great plate meal for about $15.


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Photo above: A rare and appreciated gift item (they do not sell these decals) was presented to us after our fine meal by a Grass Skirt Grill big kahuna boss-man.

Not this one...
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Ono fish (long vowel sound /o/; twice. O-no): the name
We had a lot of fish for dinner -- specifically grilled fish. Let me tell you all the kinds of fish in a minute. But first, this story about the name of the Ono fish.

As told to us by the Grass Skirt Grill big kahuna: "In some current usage of Hawaiian language, 'ono' may be used to mean 'delicious.' You can say a pineapple is ono. Or, that you had an ono shave ice. A thousand years ago Hawaiians were catching the Ono fish in waters around Hawaii. And to this day that fish still carries the name; the Ono fish is delicious fish." The Grass Skirt Grill big kahuna also commented that we were an A-okay couple for being married to each other for 40 years.

Other fish that we've eaten recently may have interesting names -- Mahi Mahi, Monchong, Salmon, Ahi -- but none can claim to be named "delicious" in Hawaiian.


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