Thursday, April 24, 2014

California Drought: Reclaimed Wastewater

Reclaimed, Recycled, Reused -- Water
(Excerpt) "Proponents call it water recycling. Critics call it… [something worse]. But as the drought has taken hold in California, opposition to the idea has been drying up…

Today, taxpayer money is flowing toward recycled water programs. As part of recent drought relief measures, the state allocated $200 million in grants to jump-start those efforts and slashed interest rates on $800 million more in loans…

In October, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that requires state health and water officials to report by September 2016 on the feasibility of developing uniform standards for recycling wastewater for ‘direct potable reuse.’…

‘California needs more high-quality water, and recycling is key to getting there,’ Brown said in his signing message…

Sand dunes became Golden Gate Park using wastewater.
Starting in the late 1800s… Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, once sand dunes, was famously watered with untreated waste until complaints about the smell put an end to the practice, said Richard Mills, chief of the recycling and desalination section at the state Department of Water Resources. Treated water was used at the park starting in the 1930s… [Mills said].”


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