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Ice Air


Idea for a brand name: Ice Air
For me, this is an opportunity that was missed... a few years ago -- maybe ten. This is the idea that Ice Air would be a good brand name. A brand name for maybe a line of ski clothing or something related to snowy weather conditions. It may have come to me while riding a ski area's alfresco chairlift back up the hill for another run during a blustery day. Mentally, I just put my Ice Air brand idea in a cache with other possibilities for later use.

An innovative HVAC solutions company has that name.
Ice Air. Google it. Sadly, too late for me; apparently 30 to 40 years...

(Excerpt) "Ice Air has 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing a wide variety of HVAC units to provide superior new construction heating and cooling systems and to replace old installations. We provide World Class Comfort by innovating equipment that is environmentally sound, high quality and durable. Our products are designed with consumers in mind, with industry-best sound levels and advanced design."

Ice Air provides products to several markets:
(Excerpt) "Architects / Engineers, Reps / Distributors, HVAC / Contractors, Contractors / Construction Managers, Developer / Builders, and Consumers."

Their website's homepage: Ice Air

Cool Stuff
There's a link on their website for "Cool Stuff." Appreciating customer service on multiple levels, one Cool Stuff post from that linked page is included below...

(Excerpt from Cool Stuff)
"June 13, 2013
Ice Air Appoints New SVP of Customer Service

Ice Air, a leading manufacturer of HVAC products, has recently named Harlan Saunders as their new Senior Vice President of Customer Service. Mr. Saunders is an experienced business owner from Kentucky, who most recently worked in the food services industry. He brings a great deal of experience to his new role, and is known for possessing an ideal mix of sunny, Southern hospitality with shrewd business acumen.

Mr. Saunders will be tasked with ensuring that problematic customers are dealt with effectively, most likely by playing them the soothing music of Barry White.

Please direct any inquiries or concerns to:"

Source: Cool Stuff


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