Thursday, February 27, 2014

California Drought: Lady GaGa shoots water conservation video at Hearst Castle's Neptune Pool


Lady GaGa is on "La Cuesta Encantada;" the enchanted hill.
(Excerpt) "“The Lady Gaga event at Hearst Castle was a last minute but really important opportunity,” Remar Sutton of the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation said... 'Both California and the Castle have already received world-wide — and positive — publicity and we are still weeks away from the launch of Lady Gaga’s video and her public service efforts to publicize California’s water crisis'...

[Lady GaGa's organization]... paid the special event fee of more than $22,000, plus expenses; donated $250,000 to the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation; and contributed $25,000 to the Cambria Community Services District [CCSD] to pay for a study on a possible water source for the [nearby] drought-stricken town...

[Richard Stapler, spokesman for the state Natural Resources Agency]... said he expects the public service video to be released within a couple of weeks."

Apparently during a preliminary visit to Hearst Castle by the music video star, Lady GaGa was impressed by the Castle's architectural features, art, antiques, and ambiance. Less than two weeks later at the Castle, Hollywood-scale filming was going for two days on a Lady GaGa "creative project" that some say is more than a music video.

(Excerpt) "As part of the agreement to film at... [Hearst Castle], permission for which is rarely granted by the Hearst Corp. and the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation, Gaga said she would produce a water conservation video for the state and a promotional video for the foundation."

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