Thursday, June 20, 2013

San Francisco: I-280 Freeway-to-Boulevard Conversion

Under I-280 from northern side of Mission Creek.
 Photo by: Laura Tepper, Curbed San Francisco, June 2013

Embarcadero and Octavia boulevards were first
Taking down I-280 would be the third freeway-to-boulevard conversion in San Francisco. The existing Embarcadero and Octavia boulevards were the first two. These previous two conversions resulted from earthquake damages to the now removed Embarcadero Freeway and Central Freeway.
(Excerpt) "Taking down ... freeways and replacing them with surface boulevards created enormous positive land use changes in the surrounding neighborhoods. This enabled San Francisco to reconnect with its waterfront ..."

Reportedly, a future freeway-to-boulevard conversion for a portion of I-280 may also create positive transportation changes in the affected neighborhoods -- if "three big moves" are simultaneously implemented


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