Thursday, May 30, 2013

High-Functioning Alcoholic

Big Booze Misinformation: health benefits apparently may not result from drinking just the right type of alcohol in just the correct amount each day.

High-Functioning Alcoholic
One who drinks every day, yet continues to lead a productive, successful life. Dr. Jeffery Herten, M.D. has long been a trusted medical physician for my family. Dr. Herten is now the author of two books that contain medical facts and over 30 years of personal insights about being a high-functioning alcoholic.

In his most recent book, "The Sobering Truth" (August, 2010), Dr. Herten shares ...
(Excerpt) "[His] first-hand knowledge of the conspiracy of misinformation about the healthful nature of alcohol ... Alcohol affects us not only emotionally but physically. The [book] ... explores the numerous facets of alcohol consumption in the United States, including the physical risks ... But it also offers hope for those wishing to become sober and recommends resources to help them turn their lives around."

An Uncommon Drunk
Dr. Herten's first book, "An Uncommon Drunk" (May 2006), reveals ...
(Ecerpt) "Alcohol is the single greatest social ill in the United States ... [and] may lead to deadly cancers of the breast, colon, esophagus, and liver. It rots our bones, corrodes our stomach lining, erodes our memories, and suppresses our immune systems ... Frank and honest, [the book] ... is a must-read for every spouse, parent, child, employer, physician, and counselor whose life is touched by alcohol."
Source: "An Uncommon Drunk: Revelations of a High-Functioning Alcoholic,"

A sobering look at a common problem
In this book review by Arlene Winn (May 2007) of Dr. Herten's first book, Ms. Winn describes Dr. Herten as ...
(Excerpt) "Swishing his way to wine wisdom [and] ... humorous about wine snobbism while railing against what he perceives as the wine industry's 'education' efforts to stifle and filter information showing the downside of alcohol. One can not be unaffected by a book whose truths many of us would rather not hear. Even the one-glass-with-dinner drinker will face delusions about health while looking soberly in the mirror."
Source: My father found a newspaper clipping of Arlene Winn's book review in one of my mother's piles of files, photos, notes, and things as he was organizing her too long under-utilized and piled up desk.
"A sobering look at a common problem," was published in The Tribune, May 13, 2007, page H3.


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