Thursday, February 16, 2012

Migration to Silicon Valley

Japanese Entrepreneurs

In Japan, the earthquake/tsunami/powerplant disaster aftermath may be fueling a migration of japanese entrepreneurs -- to Silicon Valley. The natural disaster may have caused some to reevaluate their previous culture driven career ambitions.
(Excerpt) “They have new ambitions, and they're determined to go places. Especially Silicon Valley … Small but growing numbers of Japanese entrepreneurs are jumping into the startup scene in northern California … by giving up the sort of life many Japanese in past decades spent their lives trying to attain.”
 At 30, one Japanese executive, assistant professor, and software developer stated it this way:
(Excerpt) "I wanted a global company from the first moment … If you want to reach a global market, then you have to start from Silicon Valley ... The biggest difference between Silicon Valley and Japan is when I hack something [making unscripted modifications] in Japan, I'll be punished first ... But in Silicon Valley, when I hack something, I will be encouraged to do more."
Source: "Japanese Entrepreneurs Aim for Silicon Valley" by Tomoko A. Hosaka

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