Thursday, January 19, 2012

Transit Oriented Development

Source: San Francisco's Transbay Transit Center.
The new Transbay Transit Center in downtown San Francisco will replace the current bus terminal at First and Mission Streets with a multi-modal transit center serving eleven transportation systems.
Interactive link: Transbay Transit Center

Transit Oriented Development: the built environment (perhaps high density and walkable) near transportation infrastructure -- not just automobile freeway on/off-ramps.
The Right Kind of Density (Excerpt) "Imagine great public spaces where opportunities to sustain public life become numerous. Then focus on great sidewalks, an integral part of great streets, which in turn are the major constituent of public space. As the most intimate of public spaces inhabited by individuals, sidewalks are where we have our most visceral experiences of the city. TOD represents not only an opportunity to put density near transit, but possibly as importantly, to remake the public realm creating a city of great streets and great sidewalks. Yet, many ... have repeatedly been thwarted in ... attempts to build in such a manner due to existing zoning regulations, bureaucratic inertia, and well-organized groups of NIMBYs masquerading as environmentalists. Why? ... While many of the NIMBYs can never be won over, others are merely worried that the scale of new development will overwhelm them and diminish the quality of the public realm ... 'High-Density' development too often appears monolithic, insular and just plain in-human. Separated from its context so completely, it often appears to have dropped from the sky."
Source: Kaid Benfield's Blog, with quotes from Neal Payton

LIFT (Link I Found Today)
It's the elderly, stupid.

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