Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Happy birthday and thank you to my personal LORD & Savior, Jesus Christ. Hopefully, a heartfelt declaration from a wretch like me will somehow serve to actually increase HIS rep.

New Project of Marital Cooperation
For several months, I have watched with anticipation and pride. My intelligent, conscientious, charismatic, and so very lovely wife of some Scandinavian decent has purchased a domain, created and launched the website, and then started her own blog linked to the website. It is very early in the project's development for her as an internet webmaster/blogger. However, the progress from zero to now has been brilliant. And it appears that she might be convinced to occasionally let me help produce content for her website and blog. She may post about once or twice a month at the blog, plus timely website updates when appropriate. See more of her project (Updated title follows):
Central Coast market trends, local news & the big picture
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Writing a [Great] Christmas Card Anecdotal Story
Business colleagues, friends, family members, and other associates often produce some type of “Christmas Newsletter” to share. This will often include a few humorous personal comments or even something of a short story. One such comedic story is excerpted below. It is from an actual Christmas newsletter that we received this year. The location, names, and other details have been [changed] to obfuscate identities and hopefully avoid legal
“Our ‘get-a-way’ this year was spent in [an area near the ocean] sport fishing for [large fish]. Resulting in resolve never to recommend or go fishing with the repulsive Captain [Donald Duck] again. After catching a 70 lb and a 140 lb [large fish] before noon, [Chip & Dale] (guilty by association) were asked to sit recumbent in the cabin for the remainder of the day in reprimand for the large fish that [Chip] caught. At 3 o’clock, [Dale] was given a reprise and quickly hooked a 90 lb [large fish] that [Captain Duck] grabbed … and reassigned it to a poor, poor man who had only caught a 40 lb fish. Oh golly, with no more time to fish we had to return to dock! In reflection, [Chip & Dale] caught the 3 largest fish on the boat.”
This anecdote is repeated here with apologies to socialistic fishing boat captains everywhere. Credit to the anonymous author of this hilarious story shall remain greatly felt, but not further identified.

LIFT (acronym: Link I Found Today)
The following is simply the last segment to read at the end of this post and may or may not be in any way appropriate or relevant to anything ...
LIFT: "Happy Christmas..." a playlist by Brooke White, American Idol competitor.

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