Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Passages

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Occasionally one's idea of a proper home may change. These emotional and physical transitions, when considered individually, may each be similar to a passage. If these home passages can be defined and enumerated, planners and designers in society may have a clue where and what different demographic groups may actually find attractive as a home -- next.

A Realtor, with a certain accuracy, may say that the relative market (real estate prices) will show where and what the median of a population do and don't want to call their home. The prices of individual properties in the real estate market, somewhat ironically, may be a type of over-simplification.

Different Tracks
It may be a bold scientifically unproven statement: As a piece of real property (a home) tracks through the market, it's relative value (price) may not coincide with the track of an individual (owner) as one goes through life. Said another way: As an individual (owner) tracks through different stages of life one may place different relative values on where and what to call home -- Home Passages.

Question for Blog Readers
As you have progressed through life (okay, become older), have you found your idea of where and what you want to call home to change and transition?

Election Day in America: Tuesday, November 2, 2010
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