Thursday, June 10, 2010

RFID Based Vehicle Ignition System

California's Shocking New Car
(Excerpt) "[Aptera Motors] hybrid electric automobile ... has enjoyed claims of up to 300 MPG ...

'The Aptera was developed completely from a clean slate ...', said Aptera President and CEO Paul Wilbur ...

The design intent model ... seats two adults, has power windows, cup holders, and has 22.75 cubic feet of cargo capacity. It will use LED running and interior lights to reduce power. An optional solar panel mounted on the roof runs the heat pump during the day.

The seats of the 2e model can be heated or cooled by forced air ...

[The futuristic vehicle] features RFID-based keyless ignition and entry with scarab doors ...".
Source & video clip (2:53): Californiality
Personal Armored Vehicle
(Excerpt) "... you can carry the weight of two elephants on your roof with barely a dent ... To Aptera, safety is not a punch line ...".
Note to vehicle manufacturers: For a very long time into the future, consumers may need vehicles that can carry HEAVY loads (trains, trucks, busses, etc.). However, there may be sooner than later circumstances that make it imperative that these HEAVY capacity vehicles be primarily powered by something other than an oil-based fuel. Just saying, even as oil-based fuels are restricted (for any number of reasons) there will remain a civilian and military demand to move HEAVY loads of people and things in vehicles that will be primarily powered by ... something.

Automatic Keyless Entry and Ignition System
(Excerpt) "Federal Express ... is constantly looking at ways to streamline its delivery processes ... Each time couriers make a delivery, they spend precious time searching for keys to [operate] their delivery vehicle ...
... an automatic keyless entry and ignition system ... uses RFID transponders ... embedded within a Velcro wristband ...

... FedEx delivery personnel are freed from the hassles of juggling their keys while carrying armloads of packages. The keyless entry and ignition system consists of ... transponders and readers mounted at each of the doors to the delivery vehicle. A reader is also mounted on the right side of the steering column near the ignition switch. When the courier places the transponder wristband within six inches of the readers, the transponder's code is compared to those in the system's memory. If they match, the door unlocks for five seconds ... To start the vehicle, the courier pushes a button on the right side of the steering column ...

... Each FedEx vehicle is programmed ... and can accept up to 10 unique transponders. A single transponder can also be programmed to operate multiple trucks.

... If a [RFID] wristband is misplaced, its code can be purged from the system, and a new code can be programmed in a matter of seconds ... ".
Example of Retrofitted Keyless Entry and Push Button Start
Source & video clip (1:23): StarDrive
One wonders about the overall security value of automatically locking the doors, if the driver's side window is left in the open position. Probably simply an operator oversight here. Perhaps contributed to by distraction from the valuable digital music player. It does appear to be a well maintained vintage vehicle with a nice RFID based keyless ignition system.

A Question for Blog Readers
What are some features that you might want if your vehicle was equipped with an ignition system that could be activated or disabled using RFID technology ?

Next post scheduled 6.24.10: "Tracking Fresh Produce with RFID"

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