Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blog Comments Add Value to the Topic

Update 7.5.2012:
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Commenters Welcome !!
If I have written and posted a comment on another blog, I might call that being a commenter. Some bloggers and readers may call it being a commentator. A person that has written comments here says, "I don't have an issue with 'commenter' or 'commentator' so long as I am a communicator!"

Comments: good common sense
Many blogs include somewhat awkward "boilerplate" policy language regarding appropriate tone and content of comments. Consider the best of that written here. And use good common sense when commenting at this blog.

As mentioned before, this blog has a new article fortnightly (once every two weeks). Researching, writing, and posting the articles is an honor made available partially by free speech laws. Another really nice thing is that readers can participate responsibly in this right by contributing thoughtful comments.

Readers are asked to think of the posted article and their comments as a polite roundtable of ideas -- or a politely spirited sidewalk cafe table of ideas. Hopefully, the purpose of adding a comment here is to build upon the article by thoughtfully writing an interesting comment that is insightful from the knowledge, life experiences, and perspective of the comment writer. Okay, and some tasteful humor or a little mild controversy could be used appropriately.

It is not this blogger's intention to be a regular respondent restating the article in the comments section. When possible, my current choice is to send a thank you email to the authors of some individual comments. Ideally, blog comments add value to the topic.

Perhaps it should be: "Communicators Welcome"