Thursday, February 4, 2010

Shared Space Street Design

Auckland, New Zealand is considering 'Shared Space' street design in some areas of their CBD (Main Street). There is a 4 minute YouTube video at the link below that explains some aspects of this transportation concept.
Source & video: Planners Web

Main Street: all crosswalk & more
Likely success of a Main Street 'mosh pit' transportation design may increase as motorists slow down, become cautious moving through the street space, and perhaps choose an alternate faster arterial route when possible.

Note: Nobody is suggesting that an actual Main Street mosh pit be implemented, anywhere !!

Pedestrian Bustle
Excerpt: "... [As an urbanologist, William H. Whyte] was in favor of razzmatazz, good honky-tonk and anything that invested sidewalks with hustle and bustle. 'Up to seven people per foot of walkway a minute is a nice bustle,' [Whyte] once decided ..."

"... As a friend of cities, ... Whyte warned against 'utopianism.' He believed that the city 'has always been a mess and always will be something of a mess' ...".