Thursday, February 18, 2010

NIMBY Syndrome

Not In My Back Yard
Excerpt: "... a person who opposes particular construction or projects in their community ... I.E.: Being selfish ... People who fight LULUs, or Locally Unwanted Land Uses: developments or institutions that are needed, but that nobody wants near them ...".

" ... I should have used my BRAIN before purchasing a house [in a undesirable or subordinate location] ... For some reason I didn't wonder why the house was so cheap in the first place ...".

"... Other forms of NIMBY [may or may not] include the NOPE (Not On Planet Earth), the BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone), and the TEDAO (Tear Everything Down At Once)."
Fear of Change
City and Regional Planning (CRP) issues might occasionally be confronted or aided by the emotions of individuals within a planning area. Perhaps there are definable reasons, beyond the obvious monetary losses and gains, for why some people seem to suffer with a NIMBY syndrome. One possible reason to explore is 'Fear of Change'. Perhaps this is explained somewhere within the disciplines of Psychology or Social Psychology