Thursday, December 24, 2009


(Excerpt) "The key word here is SUB. It is SUB par to living in the actual city ... massive sprawl created after the second world war to compensate veterans that many people found attractive ... A lame excuse for a city. A reason people should move to the country ...".
Now Urburbia
Clearly, not everyone can move to the country and some lifestyles are a good match for existing subdivision tract design. However, "... the amount of land on planet earth IS finite ..." (The previous statement originally made by this author a number of years ago is stated here, again, in contradiction to a University professor likely misinformed on this point. Just saying.). And really a lot of people already live in cities with urban characteristics -- a beneficial choice for some.

A current demographic trend is toward an increasing number of people that are living remarkably longer. 'Aging in Place' seems to be a popular lifestyle choice or a physical necessity, at some point. Urban characteristics beneficial to supporting an aging population near to where they live may actual blend with desirable suburban characteristics -- now Urburbia.
(Excerpt) "... Americans are discovering that a cul-de-sac can be a tough place to grow older. As such, architects, developers and local officials are looking at ways to retrofit [redevelop] suburbia and create what are known as lifelong communities ...".
At the above link, check out the audio Podcast: Remodeling the Suburbs