Thursday, December 10, 2009

Redwood City California

Downtown Redwood City
(Excerpt) "... With the recent remodeling of Redwood City's downtown area, the city is already proclaiming itself as the new entertainment hub of the entire peninsula ... Redwood City always seems to have something going these days. There are free concerts played in the Courthouse Square every Friday night, and in October they are showing free movies outside ... They also hold art walks every second Saturday of the month, not to mention the occasional festival or activities such as a family circus, which is coming up ... If there are no planned events going on, there is always the Fox Theater, which holds a number of concerts, comedians and rare movie showings ...".
Source: The Santa Clara SCU's undergraduate student newspaper
High Density Residential
(Excerpt) "... 'Density' is a word that comes up a lot in discussions about city planning and redevelopment. But what does it mean? ... density is simply a measurement of how many homes there are per acre of land in a given area ...
The Redwood City General Plan states that 'Higher residential densities should be promoted near or within commercial centers, employment centers, and transportation terminals.' ... [Redwood] City’s Housing Element Subcommittee has also stated that higher density housing should be considered in the downtown district and along transit corridors ...
[High density residential] provides additional housing options for people who need or want them ... Many young adults find the urban lifestyle of a dense neighborhood to be very exciting and desirable. Other people find it very helpful to live in a place where they can get along without a car. Many retired people prefer to live in downtown areas because they have lost their ability to drive ...".
Source: Density vs. Design By Dan Zack, AICP, Downtown Development Coordinator, City of Redwood City, California