Thursday, October 29, 2009

Port of Redwood City

Photo Source: Aerial View - 1924
(Excerpt) "[Today] The Port of Redwood City, the only deepwater port in South San Francisco Bay, provides berths for dry bulk, liquid bulk, and project cargoes, along with unparalleled recreational opportunities and access to San Francisco Bay ...".
Port of Redwood City: the name
(Excerpt) "In 1851, a deep-water channel that ran inland to what is now Redwood City [California] was discovered off of San Francisco Bay. Named 'Redwood Creek', this channel was used by the lumber companies to ship wood and logs from the redwood forests in the peninsula hills to San Francisco ... Redwood City became famous for its workable port where materials could be shipped without the delay or expense of overland travel ... Many different types of businesses found the proximity to a deep-water channel of benefit ... wharves and businesses soon occupied the entire length of Redwood Creek ... Throughout the years, Redwood Creek was silted in with mud from land erosion caused by the building of wharves and the development of the town ... in 1935, a harbor bond issue of $266,000 was approved by voters ... the channels were dredged and larger piers were built along the sections that parallel what is now Seaport Blvd ... ".
Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA)
(Excerpt) "... 66540.6. (a) In order to establish and secure emergency activities of all water transportation and related facilities within the bay area region, the authority [WETA] shall have the authority to operate a comprehensive emergency public water transportation system that includes water transportation services, water transit terminals, and any other transport and facilities supportive of the system for the bay area region ... ".
Source: PDF Senate Bill 1093, Chapter 387, page 4.
See also: PDF Senate Bill 976.
New Commuter Ferry Routes and Redwood City Terminal Proposed
Two new proposed ferry routes in the Bay Area Region are: (1) Redwood City to the City of San Francisco and (2) Redwood City to the East Bay.
(Excerpt) "... A Redwood City terminal will enhance shoreline access and support the city's growing waterfront business ... In addition to serving job centers, this terminal also will be a lynchpin for proposed residential projects ... Redwood City is revitalizing its downtown and is in the process of building a new 20-screen cinema and adjoining 85,000 sq. ft. of retail space that could be easily accessed from the proposed ferry terminal ...".