Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Staining Pine wood can be splotchy

The softwood Pine is easy to work with - until you decide to finish it slightly darker than with “clear” polyurethane. That is to say, for most of my instant gratification projects, it takes too long or is just inconvenient to do all the steps typically required for the finish not to be SPLOTCHY! There is a product that has nearly the same quick finish characteristics as clear polyurethane - in maybe two (slightly darker than clear) colors.

Varathane Water Based ONE STEP Stain & Polyurethane (semi-gloss). This comes in quart size cans and is available in 8 colors. In my experience, 1 or 2 of these colors work when applied with care on the softwood Pine without excessive splotching; they are:

GOLDEN OAK (no. 727) gives Pine a light brown, slightly yellow color.
PROVINCIAL (no. 730) gives Pine a brown, slightly red color.

Provincial is a little darker than Golden Oak. Both colors make Pine darker by adding another coat. For more durability with little additional darkening, one or more coats of water based clear polyurethane can be applied after ONE STEP.

Good luck and happy hobby shopping! Please always follow the manufacturer’s literature.

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