Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lost “Lucky hat” long shot

Date lost: Saturday, October 13, 2007.

Location: Central Sierra Nevada Mountains, above Lake Alpine. We left on foot for an Autumn color photo hike from the Silver Valley trailhead; going to Duck Lake. On the descending Duck Lake trail (the right fork), just before coming into the upper end of the big open meadow adjacent to Duck Lake (photo above), the “Lucky hat” was unintentionally left along side the trail.

Long shot request: If someone may have found this hat, please leave a comment to this post. The hat was a gift to our teacher daughter, and she misses it tremendously. To have it found would be wonderful.

Description of the lost “Lucky hat”: Brown baseball cap style with one word printed on the front -- LUCKY.

Background Information: Our teacher daughter is an elementary grade teacher in the public schools. She and her soon-to-be-husband were visiting Saturday morning when we started from the Silver Valley trailhead. The hiking plan was to follow the Duck Lake trail to the Elephant Rock Lake trail, double back after about 2-1/2 hours, and complete the Duck Lake loop trail returning to the Silver Valley trailhead. About six hours round-trip.

Trail note: USGS Map, of an appropriate scale, is recommended. Also, as the trail passes over some terrain, the only markings indicating the correct trail are short stacks of small rocks.

She unintentionally left the “Lucky hat” along side the descending Duck Lake trail, just before coming into the upper end of the meadow shown in the photo. She realized where she had left the hat after we had gone on quite a distance. We decided to pick up the “Lucky hat” when we went back to Duck Lake later in the day. We continued on the Elephant Rock Lake trail and stopped at the dry bed North Fork of Stanislaus River. After having lunch in the dry river bed, we doubled back to where the “Lucky hat” had been unintentionally left -- we were out of luck and did not find the hat.

However, we did complete the Duck Lake loop trail and the Autumn color was beautiful all day