Thursday, November 15, 2018

Can Intentional Human Activity Purposefully Create a Climate Change that is Beneficial?

Infamous Hole in the Ozone over the Earth's Southern Hemisphere seems to have Slowly Shrinking Annually Maximums

These changes in ozone appear to be moving at a glacial pace and involve microscopic elements that sometimes are counted in parts per million. Reading such information published by scientists that study changes in ozone quickly makes my eyes glaze over.

However, it is important to know that these two mega-scale phenomenons are different from each other: "Changes in Ozone" vs. 'Climate Change.'

Some questions have come into an open mind:

1) Does the earth's ozone layer actually deplete or regenerate and reshape?

2) Do changes in ozone predictably cause a climate change?

3) Can intentional human activity specifically create changes in ozone -- and therefore purposefully create a climate change of known proportions?

If questions 1-3 are affirmative, then question 4 becomes relevant.

4) Who decides if a climate change is globally beneficial?

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