Thursday, October 18, 2018

Now we wear the internet, Guy Kawasaki?

Visionary Apple Macintosh Evangelist
In the early 1990's, Guy Kawasaki said -- broadly paraphrased -- "Give us a telephone with a computer, not the other way around."

Source: Macworld, 1993

Macworld periodical reported in September 1993:
(Excerpt) "...the first wave of personal digital assistants (PDAs) will be hitting the streets. (Apple’s Newton is shipping even as you read this.)... They will be either the next wave of productivity enhancers or expensive Game Boys... I’ll describe the kind of PDA I would use.

For a PDA to be attractive to me it would have to replace one or more of the four most important things in my life: my wife, my PowerBook [laptop computer], my cellular telephone, or basketball. No PDA that I know of can do that... The PDA I want would be a telephone that’s got a computer, not the other way around. It would replace my cellular phone and, for all but the heaviest writing, my PowerBook."

It is easy to see that Kawasaki had his priorities straight -- he put his wife number one on his list of most important things in his life. Smart man. He also had this right: the idea to connect smart phones to the internet would appeal to a mass of people.

Wearable Internet-Connected Devices
Perhaps to inspire a Kawasaki proverb today, one might muse, the cellphone I want to look at would be my glasses.


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