Thursday, May 10, 2018

"The Great Revolt" by Zito and Todd

"The Great Revolt ...Reshaping American Politics"
(Excerpt) "Standout syndicated columnist and CNN contributor Salena Zito, with veteran Republican strategist Brad Todd, reports across five swing states and over 27,000 miles to answer the pressing question: Was Donald Trump's election a fluke or did it represent a fundamental shift in the electorate that will have repercussions -- for Republicans and Democrats -- for years to come."
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Peaceful Revolution in Plain Sight
(Excerpt) "The media may think they are doing a great job of destroying President Trump’s presidency and we shall see what happens in the 2018 midterm elections, but the fact is that for the people that had a grievance in 2016, to listen to them post-2016 is to see they are even more upset now than they were then. Zito and Todd note, 'Leading national journalists missed the potential efficacy of Trump’s grievance appeal because they exemplified, professionally and personally, the other end of the complaint.' Exactly right.

The true test for the Trump coalition might be the midterm elections this November, a chance to see if the voters only wanted a temporary change, or to see if these voters want a peaceful revolution that leaves its mark. ...[T]he coalition could easily fracture for any number of reasons. The Democrats, and the media by extension, have their work cut out for them though. As Zito and Todd correctly note regarding the Democrats’ uphill climb, 'This obsession with the redefinition of cultural norms has come at a price for Democrats. Beyond the people it offends, it denies Democratic candidates time to discuss the pocketbook issues that swing voters are more likely to use in guiding their votes.'

Where is the gulf between the Trump voters and the members of the media? 'When the press picked Trump’s words apart for strict fact analysis, voters assumed he spoke directionally; the press took him literally, but voters… took him merely seriously,' ..."
Source: Review by Steve Parkhurst, 5.8.2018

President Donald Trump vs. President Bernie Sanders
If President Donald J. Trump's election in 2016 was a fluke -- not a lasting 'great revolt' -- voters will again be 'reshaping American politics' in the 2018 national election. In America's constitutional republic, voters have a potential super-power for peaceful revolution in plain sight.

On the other hand, history may never know of a President Bernie Sanders. By many accounts, the 2016 presidential partisan primary elections and nominating convention where he competed were "rigged." Possible corruption in the selection of some convention delegates in that 2016 partisan nominating process was clear to all voters, delegates, and reporters that would notice.


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