Thursday, November 23, 2017

Five Kernels of Corn: "Lest we forget."

First Thanksgiving Feast

The American public education system, as best it can, now teaches that migrant European Pilgrims invaded the east coast of a new land to brutally expand their cultural sphere of influence into an undeveloped fertile region. In so doing, the invaders wrecked the eco-system and existence of indigenous peoples.

Okay, some educators may find criticisms of the above description so I'll immediately admit that it's a bias generalization.

It could be noted that these self-assured autocratic Pilgrims also seemed to be extremely unprepared for such an invasion. Shortly after they first arrived, they were debilitated by the region's winter weather in 1620. Over half of the men, women, and children died because of the lack of food. The severe hardships endured that winter were so bad that at one point the daily food ration was five kernels of corn per Pilgrim.

The next spring, the surviving Pilgrims worked with some indigenous people learning how to grow corn. The fall harvests, at some point, inspired a ceremonial communal feast. During the first thanksgiving feast, Gov. William Bradford purposely gave everyone five kernels of corn and said to each one, "Lest we forget."

Source: "Just for You, Editorial Opinions of Steve Abaroa"

Church Children's Message

The 'five kernels of corn' remind us:
Kernel 1
GOD loves us
Kernel 2
GOD provides for us
Kernel 3
the friends GOD gives us
Kernel 4
the people GOD has given us who love us
Kernel 5
GOD hears our prayers and answers us


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