Thursday, September 1, 2016

Political Correct: tyranny or... freedom?

Apparently, PC began to germinate in freedom

(Excerpt) " 'Politically correct' was born as a lefty in-joke, an insidery nod to the smugness of holier-than-thou liberals. As Gloria Steinem put it: ' "Politically correct" was in­vented by people in social-justice movements to make fun of ourselves.' "

And a pragmatic commentor adds this bit of value to the article:

"The idea of 'political correctness' is a victim of 'reductio ad absurdum' in two directions. To the left, it is too easily used as a means to stifle honest discourse or to berate and silence people who mean no offense. To the right, the reaction to PC is too easily used to sanctimoniously disregard the humanity of others under pretense of one's right to free speech.

In the middle, it's really just the age-old Golden Rule. We should try to understand and be decent to one another. It's not actually that hard to communicate clearly and honestly while being mindful enough to abandon language that belittles or demeans others. On the other side, it's also not that hard to consider the context and the speaker and not automatically take offense when none was intended.

In the end, it's not being 'politically correct' that's important; being decent to one another is."

On Topic:
(Excerpt) “The only thing that you’re allowed to tolerate is left issues. They have to be tolerated. If you’re coming from the right it’s hate, it’s bigotry, it’s intolerance. People that come from faith-based values — you’re not allowed to have an opinion. Even if you express it nicely and politely and kindly."


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