Thursday, November 19, 2015

Single Level Housing Development Incentives

Overarching Premise: An increasing number of people in American society would benefit from homes that are permitted and intentionally designed as single level homes -- from selected living areas, to exterior doorways, to parking.

Organizing Design Principle: Create one level housing units that include: barrier-free access in core habital space, barrier-free access for entry and egress, and barrier-free access to close proximity vehicle parking.

Possible Requirement: Responsive planning departments and local politcal juristitions that will authorize incentives, within existing and future land use ordinances, that will encourage development of single level homes.

Hillside Locations:  Specifcally hillside locations may have potential for planning departments and local politcal juristitions to incentivize single level housing development. Alternatively hillside locations, rather than generally less costly to develop prime agricultural land.

Conceivable Harm: Short term, if not long lasting, environmental damage may occur in hillside development if the site design and mitigation measures do not accomodate existing conditions and provide for a project's reintegration into the original context


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