Thursday, May 28, 2015

Disincentivize Easy Divorce

Choose to repair the current marriage
In some cases, it may be too easy to just call it a day and bail out — perhaps to a waiting co-adulterer. In settling the divorce proceedings in this type of case, the courts might consider removing some advantages of a divorce, so that people in that situation may no longer want to choose an easy divorce over kicking the extra-marital affair(s) to the curb.

In addition to other thoughts, the courts might consider rulings that require a newly divorced couple to continue living together in the same premises as before the divorce (excluding cases with abuse, of course) and require the same ownership of real properties, businesses, and other financial instruments to continue as before the divorce.

Removing some morally vacant and quick freedoms from a divorce may or may not also incentivize the emotionally hard work to repair a current relationship. But at least with these considerations there exists day-to-day opportunity in familiar surroundings.


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