Thursday, July 31, 2014

Santa's Pen: pineapple ornament

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Personalized Christmas Tree Ornament
This is a tasteful, small (easy packing), tourist-y ceramic trinket that will just always say, "We loved being in Hawaii today!" Okay, there may be more indigenous things available as a souvenir...

But the beautiful star shape carmel colored seed pods from an Autograph Tree will soon shrivel, mildew, look disguising, smell... just saying.
Source: Autograph Tree -- Clusia rosea: seed pods

So, at that time, we were headed out wearing SPF clothing, hats, large sunglasses, and conscientiously applied sunscreen to lollygag for another grueling day along Waikiki Beach and out into Honolulu on foot or by bus. Presently, we were walking through the Outrigger Reef on the Beach Hotel's open-air lobby, poolside deck, and convenience-shopping promenade. As seasoned beachcombers, we briefly posted up in the shade at a hotel provided cold condensation sweating glass and chrome dispenser for iced lemon-slice and mint-leaf water to fill our REI containers. It can be rough out there. And right there, across the tile and carpet indoor/outdoor breezeway, was Santa's Pen -- a little shop that was all at once so out-of-place, and so appropriate.

We shopped. The friendly shopkeeper was a young Hawaiian woman living in Honolulu that would use Santa's permanent ink black pen to personalize by hand a purchased blank item with calligraphic skills. After a bit of time, considering alternatives with the artist's help, we had selected and composed our 40th Anniversary commemorative... Christmas tree ornament -- it will always remind us of our wonderful time together during this vacation, and that we loved being in Hawaii


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