Thursday, June 19, 2014

The 40th Wedding Anniversary

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Marking a milepost in a marriage.
This fortieth anniversary is one of the many lesser or greater mileposts that will mark the beach pathway that these divinely-coupled people are walking along in their marriage. Long comfortable together, husband and wife will celebrate simply and respectfully acknowledge their continuing life together enabled by God’s blessings.

Traditional Gemstone
Ruby. A red ruby — with an inner fire of passion in the heart and mind that flames and glows alive.

A barber chair question:
The familiar haircutter inhaled abruptly,”Forty years? What’s your secret?!”
A reflective air came into the banter. The true answer at that first asked opportunity was appropriately voiced with enthusiastic confidence, “I married well.”

The event. An international beach city. A very exclusive guest list.

Just the couple; together on Oahu. At the north shore and in Honolulu, Hawaii. More than one specific day, this event is bigger than one blog post…


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