Saturday, September 21, 2013

SF 2013 America's Cup: New Zealand "half-a-degree" from Capsizing

A windy Race #8 on SF Bay's AC72 Race Area was won by Oracle Team USA. A pivotal moment in Race #8 was the near-capsize of New Zealand's AC72 catamaran racing yacht as the two crews battled at speed with their boats in close quarters on the racecourse. See photo here.

Skipper/helmsman Dean Barker of New Zealand's AC72
(Paraphrased quote post-Race #8) "... wasn't sure at the time exactly what degree angle my boat was tilted, but I am sure it felt like only half-a-degree more and she was going over."
Source: Original quote has been scrubbed from another blog that posted photos, descriptions, and reactions from Race #8.

Post-Race #13 Update:
Later in that race's scheduled day, Oracle Team USA won the re-sail of Race #13.
Earlier in that day, during a period with unusually light wind, the original Race #13 was abandoned because neither sailboat had been able to cross the finish line under the 40-minute official time limit.

Emirates Team New Zealand will Start Race #14 with 6 Match Points
Team New Zealand leads Team USA 8-3 officially. It is a first to earn 9 wins competition.
Note: To date, Team USA has won 5 races. However, 2 of those wins have been wiped out by penalties. Team New Zealand remains unpenalized of wins.

Opinion Article on Oracle Team USA Penalty

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