Thursday, September 26, 2013

34th America's Cup: the defender WINS

Source: America's Cup, September 25, 2013

Oracle Team USA
This American team has successfully defended the America's Cup by sailing their uber-grade AC72 racing catamaran better than anyone else in the world. The race totals were officially 9-8. Possession and privileges of the cup will remain with America -- until an American sailing team must defend it again during the 35th America's Cup Races. I am already looking forward to those races, those teams, and those boats.

Possibly Historic 34th America's Cup

Emirates Team New Zealand
This is the second place team; the finalist. And they only lost by ONE race. 17 total races were in the decision. This amazing team of crew and boat actually were the front-runners for many races. At one point New Zealand lead the regatta 8-1. After such a high-quality and athletic performance one can anticipate their continued high level of competition at the 35th America's Cup Races. Here's a favorable puff of wind in the direction of their sponsor for the 34th: Fly Emirates


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