Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hipster: (Counter) Culture

Source: "Look at This F&%ing Hipster"
Note: The above blog probably should be rated NSFW and may be considered by some as gratuitous ridicule, or by others ... sublime characterizations. Just be careful. Gross happens.

Creative Class: Urban Economic Development
(Excerpt) “Florida is an authoritative and entertaining observer."
Source: Richard Florida Creative Class Group
On Topic
"Hipsters won't save us", by Will Doig,, 7.13.2012
Note: The following appeared in the comments section of this article --
(Excerpt) "... a riveting piece of journalism. My world has been shaken. You mean someone wrote a blog about hipster douches, and that they don't create new economies? ... Thanks for this earth-shattering insight...

All this is just more of what the internet does best: ... endless noise from pseudo-intellectuals ... [Maybe.]" -- peregrine, commenter at

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