Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Boomers: Self Employed

Personally, always have been -- except for a few of those jobs that one does during high school and college. And a few years as a tech at a soils engineering firm.

It is reported that a great many 'boomers are now or have continued to be self employed during productive careers. Can it be that nearly 30% of all self employed individuals are now baby boomers? Following is the story of one 'boomer that has been a consultant for most of his career.

"The Consultant" (Consider: good title for a screenplay.)
(Excerpt) "Even though for thirty years I have not been part of an office setting as an employee, I’ve been a part of so many others as a consultant. Each visit to a different client means that I have to remember the rules of protocol at their facility. It is as if being an actor in various stage productions.
On the one hand, I am treated like a regular member of the cast but at the same time I come and go as I please while others must be there earlier in the day and leave at the proper time. And as friendly as the client’s staff may be, it does not ensure that I get paid any quicker once I submit my bill.
I don’t suffer from lack of a daily routine of being able to relate to the same co-workers over and over again. I rather enjoy being the guest star than a regular member of the cast. The body of work is more impressive when it is that much more varied."
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