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Steve Jobs: Apple Inc.

Steve Sightings

It was our family's honor to be invited guests for lunch on the Apple Inc. campus at One Infinite Loop, Cupertino. Both experiences in the company's dining room during the busy lunch rush would have been amazing because of the people, place, and of course the great food. Those two amazing experiences, however, were beyond the high expectations that we each held.

During two separate visits for lunch in the rarified air of the security controlled Apple campus, our family was lucky enough to have a "Steve sighting". This is what we have come to know as the affectionate term for seeing the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. In our two incidents, as he walked through the large outdoor courtyard at One Infinite Loop and again as he made selections for his own lunch tray in the Apple dining room. Personalized by these two Steve sightings, I have many memories of Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.

On one of these lunch visits, our small but multi-generational group relaxed for a brief time on the comfortable sofas and chairs in an open, spacious, and tall skylit atrium lobby with restrooms located discreetly nearby. Briefly, our adult daughter had casually left an electric flat iron (hair straightening tool) in plain view on one of the sofa tables. Two young male, causal Friday distinguished, Apple employees approached as they work/walked their apparently familiar way through this pleasant atrium lobby. Their conversation was interrupted while they noticed the hair flat iron. One quipped, "Are you here to see if that device has application as a scanning peripheral?" The intellectuals disconnected from us and smoothly continued on their work/walk as the young married woman respectfully reflected, "No, it's only for straightening hair."

Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Address on June 12, 2005

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Stanford Report, 6/14/2005

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