Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dumbarton Rail Corridor

Source: PDF Summary of the Dumbarton Rail Corridor 2004 Project Study Report, Figure 1, page 3.

Narrow and Shallow Bay Crossing Corridor
This natural, relatively narrow and shallow, part of San Francisco Bay was the first place a bridge was built to cross the bay. A low curvilinear silhouette of marshy land gently extending into the Bay waters, named Dumbarton Point, creates some of the narrowing with a shoreline bulge from the east. During the early to mid-1900's, a vehicle road bridge and a railroad bridge were separately put in place at this part of the bay. Utility infrastructure, including electric power transmission lines and the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct pipeline, were also built to cross the bay in the corridor that is now commonly called Dumbarton.

Commuter Rail Service
Envisioned by the Dumbarton Rail Corridor 2004 Project Study Report:
(Excerpt) "The Dumbarton Rail Corridor Project will extend commuter rail service across the South Bay between the Peninsula and the East Bay. When the service starts in 2012, the rail corridor will link Caltrain, the Altamont Express, Amtrak's Capitol Corridor and BART, as well as East Bay bus systems, at a multi-modal transit center in Union City.The reconstruction of the rail corridor will include track improvements, a new moveable rail bridge, four stations and a centralized traffic control system. Six round-trip trains will travel from Union City during peak commute hours. Three of these trains will travel to San Francisco and three to San Jose."

2008 Progress Report
The San Mateo County Transit Authority published this in 2008:

(Excerpt) "... The original proposal [for the Dumbarton Rail Corridor] called for track improvements, a new moveable rail bridge, four stations and a centralized traffic control system. However, due to funding constraints, planners are studying other options, including building the [commuter rail service] project in phases and expanding bus service across the Dumbarton Bridge ..."
Source: PDF SMCTA 2008 Progress Report

Transportation 2035 Plan
This transportation plan in the Bay Area Region is subtitled Change in Motion.
(Excerpt) "... On April 22, 2009, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) adopted the Transportation 2035 Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area, which specifies how some $218 billion in anticipated federal, state and local transportation funds will be spent in the nine-county Bay Area during the next 25 years ..."

BART Warm Springs Extension (WSX) Project in Fremont
(Excerpt) "... In September the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) adopted [a plan] which advances $91 million of funds associated with the Dumbarton project for completion of the BART Warm Springs Extension (WSX) project with repayment to occur [in the future from other transportation agencies] ..."
Source: PDF ACTIA, Monthly Report: July 2009, Recent Activities, page 1.
(Excerpt) "... The Warm Springs Extension will add 5.4-miles of new tracks from the existing [BART] Fremont Station south to a new station in the Warm Springs District of the City of Fremont, with an optional station to be located approximately midway, in the Irvington District. The optional Irvington Station is dependent upon future funding through the City of Fremont and may be added at a later date ... [Warm Springs Station] will provide approximately 2,000 parking spaces ..."
Source: BART