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Silicon Valley

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Cultural Geography
Recently, in geologic time, Santa Clara Valley was a great and large ranching/farming area. In Bay Area regional terms, it is both 'on the Peninsula' and 'in the South Bay'. Silicon Valley, in physical geography, corresponds to a similar area. The extent of Silicon Valley's global influence, however, can not be described in the way an area of land is defined by the valley wherein it lays. Several governmental jurisdictions are overlapped by Silicon Valley, including San Mateo County and Santa Clara County. Many people that surely/unquestionably qualify as primary sources have described and continue documenting the living evolving phenomenon that is the Silicon Valley in the Bay Area Region.
"Silicon Valley is the only place on Earth not trying to figure out how to become Silicon Valley." -- Robert Metcalfe

As written by Carolyn E. Tajnai, former Director (1988 - 1997) of Stanford Computer Forum:
"... in June, 1995, I had lunch at the Stanford Park Hotel and while leaving, I noticed a man holding a cane and sitting on a bench as though waiting for someone. I walked on by and then stopped, turned around, and walked back. I said, "Are you Mr. Hewlett?", and he replied, "Yes." I thanked him for his kindness in verifying information for me when I was writing my paper on "Fred Terman, The Father of Silicon Valley." He said "But Fred Terman didn't start Silicon Valley; the beginning of Silicon Valley was a supernova." He asked if I knew what a supernova was and I said yes, that it was an explosion of a large star. Mr. Hewlett spoke so softly that it was difficult to catch every word, but he proceeded to explain that a supernova caused a rippling effect that set the stage for future events. He explained that Lee de Forest, who was an electronics pioneer in the Palo Alto area in the early part of the Century, and his work were the supernova ...".

The name: Silicon Valley
"Don C. Hoefler ... is credited with coining the phrase: 'Silicon Valley' ... In 1971, in a series of articles that Hoefler wrote for ELECTRONIC NEWS, a weekly tabloid, he first used the phrase 'SiliconValley' to describe the congeries of electronics firms mushrooming in Santa Clara county. "He pioneered the coverage of Silicon Valley as a distinct community", said Michael S. Malone, author of a book chronicling the industry called THE BIG SCORE. "When we think of Silicon Valley as a collection of characters and eccentrics, he's the one who put that whole idea in our minds", said Malone.

Hoefler began his career in electronics journalism as a publicist for Fairchild Semiconductor in Mountain View. He subsequently worked as a reporter for Fairchild Publications, owner of ELECTRONIC NEWS, and then held editorial positions with RCA Corp. and with McGrawHill."

Capital of Silicon Valley
"City of San Jose - Capital of Silicon Valley"

Palo Alto History Project
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