Thursday, June 18, 2009

Altadena Junction

Located west of Lake Street to El Molino Avenue, between Mendocino Street on the north and Calaveras Street to the south. Railway facilities, known as ‘Terminal Station’, were first built here in 1887 at the end of a steam railway company’s tracks. Later designated ‘Altadena Junction’ in 1893 when the new electric Mount Lowe Railway acquired adjacent land as a part of the completed in 1895 electric trolley line into the San Gabriel Mountains. The buildings at Altadena Junction during this time included the depot, powerhouse, Mt. Lowe Railway car barn, and a carriage house with livery stable.
“The station teemed with activity after the Alpine Tavern at Crystal Springs was opened in 1895. Hundreds of thrill-seekers arrived each day on excursion trains and horse-drawn vehicles of every description … Altadena Junction’s fame was brief, however, as the station was abandoned when the Pacific Electric built a trolley line across Mariposa Street in 1903.

Three years later [1905] the terminal property was sold … The powerhouse was moved to a site on Fair Oaks Avenue … It originally housed the gas engine and generator that supplied 500-volt D.C. current for the Rubio Canyon Trolley line.

The carriage house … was later converted into a four-family dwelling … A barn was built with lumber from the livery stable … They are still standing [as of 1976 publishing] behind the small home at 855 Calaveras Street. The fate of the depot and car barn is unknown. The Lake Avenue end of Altadena Junction is being used for commercial purposes.”
Source: Peterson, Robert H. Altadena’s Golden Years. Altadena, California: Webster's Neighborly Pharmacy and Convenient Stores, 1976. Page 53