Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Opened in 2001, Gateshead Millennium Bridge is in the northeastern part of the United Kingdom. Crossing the Tyne River, this tilting pedestrian and cycle bridge connects urbanized areas in the city of Newcastle and the town of Gateshead. This design award winning tilting bridge is located slightly downriver from the iconic Tyne Bridge that carries millions of vehicle crossings between the adjacent Newcastle/Gateshead urban areas.

Tilting Bridge in Motion
See amazing timelapse video (0.13 sec) here:

The Tyne Bridge - Icon of an Industrial Age
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Construction began in 1925 and the Tyne Bridge opened in 1928. There are four other bridges of similar design in the world; two in the UK (Tyne and Wylam), one famous in New York, and the popularized Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia.
(Excerpt) "... Navigational clearance was always a factor to be considered in bridge building on the Tyne and this is reflected in its height above water. Dorman Long of Middlesbrough were the contractors and Mott, Hay and Anderson the designers ... [they used] a modified design based on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, already under construction for 7 months by the time work commenced on [Tyne Bridge], and [Harbour Bridge was] completed 3 years after the Tyne Bridge ..."
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