Thursday, April 9, 2009


'Save us', Jesus Christ.
"... You can’t outlive Him and you can’t live without Him. Well, Pharisees couldn’t stand Him, but they found out they couldn’t stop Him. Pilot couldn’t find any fault in Him. The witnesses couldn’t get their testimonies to agree. Herod couldn’t kill Him. Death couldn’t handle Him and the grave couldn’t hold Him. That’s my King. Yeah. He always has been and He always will be. I’m talking about He had no predecessor and He’ll have no successor. There was nobody before Him and there’ll be nobody after Him ... That's my King! ..."
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The quote used above is from the late Dr. S.M. Lockridge, formerly a Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in San Diego, California. The entire message was originally delivered in 1976 and has come to be titled:

"[That's] My King!"
Hear the complete audio (approx. running time: 6 minutes): Available on another Web site.
There is an amazing 3 minute and 20 second video of visuals and slightly edited audio, by Albert Martin. See it here:

Afternote: This post was inspired by a Presbyterian church service on Palm Sunday, April 5. 2009