Thursday, March 26, 2009

Port Phillip Bay

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Location: State of Victoria in southern Australia. Port Phillip Bay has it's outlet into the Bass Strait (see map here). Bass Strait is the body of water between southern Australia and northern Tasmania. This channel connects the Indian Ocean on it's west end and the Pacific Ocean on it's east end. Bass Strait separates the island of Tasmania from the continent of Australia by 150 miles at the channel's widest point.

Port Phillip Bay
"... extending approximately 30 miles ... north-south and 25 miles ... east-west. Its entrance, known as “the Rip” ([only]1.75 miles ... wide), between ... [Point] Lonsdale to the west and [Point] Nepean to the east ... Rivers entering the bay include the ... Yarra [river passing through the city of Melbourne]."
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Dredging the Bay
"... The dredging of Port Phillip Bay will give super-sized container ships access to Melbourne's port, but it will be a massive undertaking ...

Detractors say authorities are failing to answer basic questions about the impact of dredging on fragile marine ecosystems."
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Note: Included with the 'Dredging' article is a short video, "Piloting the heads" (left column near top on the linked Web site). This video shows an experienced Sea Pilot guiding a very large ship through "the Rip", into Port Phillip Bay, and docking at port in Melbourne