Monday, January 12, 2009

Engineers in Demand

Bright Spots for Job Hunters in 2009
"... the outlook for 2009 isn't uniformly bleak ...

Engineering is another promising area for job hunters ... 'Companies still need people who can come in and design products' ... 'The manufacturing process also needs to be efficient' ... Most sought-after are those who specialize in environmental, biomedical, civil, aerospace, and industrial engineering ...

More engineering jobs also are likely to open up in the next year or so, thanks to a proposed stimulus by the incoming presidential administration that will focus on improving infrastructure.

Some employers say they plan to fill more than just vacancies that occur in these critical areas in 2009. They also intend to create more positions ... Among them is SRI International, a nonprofit based in Menlo Park, California ... 'This is a really good opportunity for us to grow' ... SRI will add about 100 new positions next year, mainly for research engineers, bioscientists, computer scientists, education researchers and software developers ... ".

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